New Slavery Victims in Golyanovo

On December 5th Nesibeli Ibragimova, citizen of Kazakhstan, escaped from the grocery shop that belongs to Zhansulu Istanbekova. Late in December Nesibeli turned to the Civic Assistance Committee for help. Back in May she was invited to Moscow to work, during the first meeting the shop owner took Nesibeli’s documents. She was held captive in the shop and constantly beaten for 8 months.

Court Awards Million to Migrant Workers

Illarion Vasilev, a lawyer from the group ‘Migration and Law Memorial’ succeeded in suing SK Invest Stroy for more than a million roubles in outstanding payments on behalf of workers from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Expulsions In Moscow: Statistics And Court Practice

Now a few reminds about events which took place two years ago when beating of a policeman at Matveevskiy market provoked a wide scale discussion in media. But laws, adopted against that background, are still in effect. Konstantin Troitsky, Head of Monitoring Group of Civic Assistance Committee, analized legal practice, developed in Moscow for this time.

Why Migrant Children Are Being Expelled from Russian Schools

For a long time, Russia made it possible for all children living in the country to get an education. The right of every child to an education was untouchable. Beginning this year, circumstances have changed. The Federal Migration Service (FMS) has obliged schools to expel unregistered children under the threat of stiff fines. Yod has tried to find out why Moscow schools are prepared to teach only children who hold Moscow residence permits.

Internal Investigations Division (IID) found offences on the part of policemen in “Golyanovo case”.

Head department of IID, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russia proved offences on the part of policemen towards former employees of Prodykty store who were living in slavery. In particular, the institution’s official letter received by Civic Assistance Committee read: “In the course of checking information on non-admission of response action on the case were partially acknowledged”.

Court sessions on Golyanovo case were postponed for the third time

On February 7 and 13, 2013 at Preobrazhensky district court, Moscow next court sessions were held on the complaints of lawyers of the girls who had been released from “Produkty” store on Novosibirskaya street at the end of October. Finally, investigator Damir Samerkhanov was present at the sessions, against his inactivity the lawyers appealed. Yet this time again materials of inspection were not submitted and the court refused to consider the case without them in spite of lawyers’ protest. A new date was assigned for hearing for the second half of February.