Legal and Social Help to Labor Migrants

The project envisages the analysis of legislation in the field of labour migration and practice of legal assistance to migrant workers in cases of violation of their rights by law enforcement bodies and violence on racial or religious grounds.

Help to Victims of Violent Hate Crimes

The project provides for legal and social assistance to victims of violent crimes of hate, including the involvement of a lawyer to represent interests at the stage of investigation and in court.

Human Rights Education in the North Caucasus

The program is one of the educational projects of the Committee “Civil assistance” and implemented from September 2009 with the support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (

Protection from Discrimination in Prison

The project aims to support the people of Chechnya and Ingushetia, located in places of detention of citizens and subjected to torture, inhuman and degrading treatment on ethnic grounds.

School of Human Rights for Migrants

In November 2014, new project started – educational courses for refugees and migrants. We want migrants and internally displaced persons to be able to take part in public life and learn how to defend their rights in our country in order to make their integration into Russian society easier.

The Project Archive

Several projects of the Civic Assistance Committee were completed or restructured. You can find information on these projects on the Project Archive webpage. The Project Archive ASSISTANCE TO POLITICAL REFUGEES FROM CENTRAL ASIA Since 2005…