Legal and Social Help to Labor Migrants

The project provides an analysis of legislation in the field of labour migration and its practice, legal assistance to labor migrants if their rights are violated by law enforcement bodies or due to violence on racial or religious grounds.

The Committee considers assistance to migrants as its mission, referring mainly to forced migrants. At the end of 2007, the Committee expanded its activities to cover labor migrants too. The reason for this diversification was due to the fact that in recent years a stable system of migrants’ slave labor and systematic violation of their rights emerged. In addition, in the RF, labor and economic migration can’t be strictly separated from a forced one because citizens of CIS countries often have to seek employment in Russia due to catastrophic economic and political situations in their home countries.

The worsening demographic situation in Russia and an ageing working population in a number of neighboring countries with an underdeveloped economy, which used to be a part of the USSR, leads to the fact that the Russian economy as a giant crater, annually draws in all new flows of labor migrants from abroad, so that in some regions they become a visible part of the population.

At the same time, a number of reasons turns labor migrants into one of the most vulnerable and discriminated social groups, who needs assistance from human rights organizations.
Given the situation, the efforts of our social workers and lawyers are directed towards:

  • attracting public attention to the labor migrants’ situation and improving attitudes towards migrants;
  • informing migrants on the rules of their legal and employment rights in the RF and protecting their rights;
  • assistance to migrant workers in defending their rights;
  • ensuring law enforcement and administrative bodies to perform their functions on protecting migrants’ rights;
  • forming a more favorable legal environment in Russia for labor migrants.