Russian Language Classes By Federal judge: Very Costly, Expulsion From Russia Included

Instead of inviting a translator to the hearing, Meschansky district court judge V.A.Diachkova first taught names of the months and digits in Russian to the individuals detained for alleged administrative offense, and then just ordered their expulsion from Russia without due consideration of the case and with gross violation of the judicial procedure.

Settled Temporarily For 28 Years

A refugee from Baku has been living in a hotel for the last 30 years, where she was settled “temporarily” by Moscow government. To put it mildly, hotel’s owner is not happy about it.

For Refugees, Russia Is the Purgatory to North Korea’s Hell

In 2008, Ryu En Nam, a North Korean defector, was extradited from Russia and executed. He was tied to the train going back to North Korea. “It was horrible. The train started moving and for as long as he could, Ryu En Nam ran with it, ” human rights lawyer Lubov Tataretz said, recalling what a Korean diplomat’s son had told her, a few years after she tried and failed to prevent Ryu En Nam’s extradition.

Expulsions In Moscow: Statistics And Court Practice

Now a few reminds about events which took place two years ago when beating of a policeman at Matveevskiy market provoked a wide scale discussion in media. But laws, adopted against that background, are still in effect. Konstantin Troitsky, Head of Monitoring Group of Civic Assistance Committee, analized legal practice, developed in Moscow for this time.

New Year’s Eviction: Ukrainian Refugees Forced Out On The Streets

Ukrainians in the village of Chismena were ordered to leave a center of temprorary accommodation before December 31. This order had been sent from the administrative unit of Federal Migration Service. More than one hundred people don’t know where to go. There are many single mothers with children, who aren’t able to rent an accomodation.

Russia Expels Syrian Citizen, Who Has Russian Family

The expulsion of Syrian Kuro Sabri is being prepared in Dagestan. He had been staying in a local SIDFC (Special Institution for Detention of Foreign Citizens) for the last seven months. If it happens, his 20-year-old wife and little daughter will be left alone in Makhachkala. But this fact didn’t bother neither courts, nor the Federal Migration Service staff, who had refused asulym to Kuro Sabri.

To Stand for Russia

Our report in “Mediazona” on how the queues in the offices of the Federal Migration Service became a goldmine for intermediaries, who are not always quite legal.